Cockatrice is Live

The new single Cockatrice is now live on the usual streaming services. Direct links provided below.


Apple Music:





Another New Single

Tomorrow, 17 September, the new Centripidity single launches on all of the usual streaming services.

This track is very much a part of the Origins Project in that it is a 2021 recording of a never before recorded song that featured in our original live sets back in 1975. One of our most popular songs.

The track is called Cockatrice, perhaps an adolescent title but in 1975, well , we were all adolescents.

Steaming links to follow tomorrow.

New Release Now Available

That Train

“That Train” is now available for streaming and download. If you don’t have a streaming account you can create a free one at

In addition to Spotify, That Train is also available on Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and all of the the other major streaming services and digital stores.

And – another new single is coming soon.


That Train

New single releases tomorrow. You’ll find it on Spotify, Apple Music and all of the major streaming services.