Origins Project

Centripidity had its origins, in the seventies, as a blues/rock band. While the album Walking Back in Time pays some homage to those origins the music is predominately the product of a later age. The Origins Project will involve a series of releases, over time, that is more in line with the original sound of the band – and may even include material from the original seventies set lists.

Debut Album is Here

Album Cover

Centripidity’s debut album Walking Back in Time is now live!

Whether you’re into streaming, downloading or prefer to hold the physical product in your hand this album is now available.


The entire album is available for streaming on all of the following services:

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Glass Mastered CD Available from

About Walking Back in Time

Release is now just a couple of days away so it’s time for a few more details.

The album contains eight tracks and can be divided into two parts. The first is a collection of four pieces each inspired by one of the four classical elements of alchemy: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The second part comprises four separate, independent pieces of music.

Most of the material on this album is instrumental and spans various genres including Rock, Prog/Art Rock, Jazz, Electronic and Ambient.

Around half of the material is new, having been written during 2019, and the other half is recent recordings of unreleased material written across the past five decades.

In this variety, hopefully you will find something you like.